Sunday, January 24, 2010

Straight Out of The Camera - 1/24/10

Hi! This is Ryann from The Lily Pad and blog owner of A Working Blogging Mommy. I am super excited to help get this blog going for my ladies at The Lily Pad. I decided to participate in a Sunday meme called Straight out of the camera Sunday. This picture was taken in San Antonio, Texas when I was at my husbands BMT graduation. The sky was beautiful that day but I was so amazed at the color blue in this shot. Just beautiful!


Be sure to head ever to Murietta 365 and participate in the Straight out of the camera Sunday meme.


  1. Thanks for the post Ryann. That photo is beautiful!


  2. Love the "ants" eye view. Yes, the sky is brilliant.

  3. Incredible color and I love the angle.

  4. I like the angle you chose to take this photo from!

  5. Great perspective!
    Thanks for your visit.


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