Sunday, January 24, 2010

The life of a schooling mama

Hi all, My name is Trisha and I'm one of the owners/admins of The Lily Pad. I will be writing a weekly post about being a full time mom, wife, and college student. As if being the mother of four children weren't challenging enough, I'm just sick and twisted enough to decide that I wanted to go back to school full time to get my nursing degree. Not only is it challenging juggling the kids and their activities, keeping the house clean (yeah, right!), dinner cooked, and all of my school work completed, but I have found that it is extremely challenging attending school with people who are mostly 15 years younger. You'd think we're all adults and it wouldn't be that different, but there is definitely a developmental difference between the teen/early 20s and early/mid 30s! My blog posts will chronicle those challenges, and the humorous tidbits that happen throughout my week.

So, a little about myself first so you know who's writing to you. As I said, my name is Trisha. I've been married to my wonderful, if not occasionally infuriating, husband Tom for almost 9 years. We have four children, two from my first very disastrous marriage. They are Taylor - 13 (nearly 14, Kelsey - 11.5, Nathan - 7, and Sammy - nearly 6. To add to the challenges in my household, we have boys at their most hyper, and girls at their most moody stages in life. It certainly keeps life interesting!

I am a state certified EMT-B, and I work as a volunteer with my local rescue squad. I know, crazy right? Who in their right mind has as much going on as I do, and still insists on volunteering their time? Well, I've never claimed to be in my right mind.

Well, homework is calling. Nothing to make a woman feel overwhelmed like Developmental Psych and Anatomy and Physiology! See you next time!

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