Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tila Tequila "goes INN" on Kelly Osbourne on Twitter

This is my first blog post ever, so bare with me while I learn the ropes.

This morning I woke up and checked my usual accounts. TLP, Facebook, email, Twitter. While I was peacefully sleeping, Tila Tequila was "going inn" as she says on Kelly Osbourne. Last week, Kelly wrote in her weekly article that Tila needs to stfu about Casey Johnson. If you know anything about Kelly, she's got her mother's eloquence.

“Tila has been writing the most inappropriate and bizarre things on her Twitter page. She needs to shut up – I know she must be grieving, but ranting on Twitter seems really off.”

“I first met Casey when I was about 15 and used to see her around,” she added. “She clearly had problems. and it’s so sad she died so young, especially as she had an adopted daughter.”

Tila finally got wind of this and started in on Twitter about Kelly. Tila must have been feeling especially stoopid last night because she "went inn" on Kelly all over Twitter. When she was finished, she kindly blogged the tweets in order for easier viewing.

What a FAT LOSER JEALOUS OF EVERY GIRL PRETTIER THAN HER CUNT! You're just lucky ur born into a rich & famous family Kelly! Otherwise you're just another fatass bitch talking shit about skiny girls!

Tila goes on and on and on about how fat Kelly is, about her cankles, saying she smells, making fun of her name, and makes a dig or two at Kelly's rehab stints.

Then the ever-so eloquent, 4'11", 90 pound Tila threatens Kelly.

Shut the fuck up. I will slap u hoe! BTW i know some JUICYYYYYYYYY Secrets about YOU AND YOUR BROTHER. Please dont piss me off to the point where I will tell everyone what it is! Goodnight you depends wearing, marshmellow man from ghostbusters cartoon looking ass biaaaatch! Yes I will slap u next time I see u. I PROMISE!

Tila lost well over 1,000 followers from last night until this morning. I wonder why? It couldn't be because of the 25 tweets about how Kelly Osbourne is fat, or the picture above that Tila posted on her blog. I can't wait for @MrsSOsbourne to go INN on Tila and shut that bitch up for good.


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